I.   Polish is the official language at the school.

  1. Student arrives for classes on time. Student is responsible for past material make up and homework.
  2. Student is responsible to follow school board’s and teachers requests.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave school building without teacher’s permission.
  4. Every student is responsible for his or her place in classroom. Parents will be materially responsible for all material damages of school property.
  5. Students are required to behave cordially showing due respect to teachers, seniors and parents.
  6. Vulgar, improper and immoral gestures as well as aggressive behaviors are strictly prohibited.
  7. The following items are not allowed on school promises, games, playing cards, radios, MP-3 players, I-pods, chewing gum and other objects not pertaining to school. Cell phones must be turned off during class sessions.
  8. Students are expected to observe a clean, appropriate and neat dress code.

II.  Student’s Rights

  1. Student has the right have his or her personal dignity respected.
  2. Student has the right to report  difficulties and to getting help.
  3. Student diligence, exemplary behavior and school progress are to be rewarded with note of distinction in classroom, parents notified and rewarded with diploma and book rewards.

III.    Punishments

Improper behavior may punished by;

  1. Admonition in classroom.
  2. Call for parents’ presence in school.
  3. Expulsion from school.
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