Parents’ Rules


Parents Responsibilities

  1. Cooperation with school governing body and teachers.
  2. Organizing proper learning environment and homework time frame for children and insuring proper child supervision.
  3. Supervising child’s homework and school readiness.
  4. Conversation with children about school activities and behavioral expectancies.
  5. Assuming responsibility for child’s observance of school attendance.
  6. Accepting teacher’s authority and rights at the school.
  7. Development of child’s respect for law and individual rights of other people.
  8. Attendance at meetings and conferences.
  9. Offering free time for school volunteering.
  10. Refund of school tuition in case of child’s withdrawal; 50% of tuition until the end of second week of new school year class sessions, 0% after four weeks of new school year class sessions.

Parents Rights

  1. Regular updates on child’s progress at the school.
  2. Clear student grading policy and explanation of individual student grades.
  3. Access to detailed curriculum .
  4. Access to school’s director and child’s teacher.
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